Accounts system is up (yay Sopwith!). On the other hand, I haven't gotten my task of getting repoview running on fedora.redhat.com. I have a plan for how to do it, just need the hour or so to do the implementation. Hopefully I can get to that tomorrow meeting so I can at least have some progress to give. List traffic has really been taking a toll on my productivity.

Integrated my pygrub stuff into the Xen build today. Also went ahead and made the filesystem code a bit more dynamic than the original pass, which was pretty much ext[23] only. Cleaned up a few little nitpicks, put license/copyright headers on the top of the new files and sent the patch off to xen-devel this evening. I expect to spend much of tomorrow fielding email about that and doing some minor cleanups. But hopefully that will get accepted and we can get it into the packages in rawhide.

Also need to start thinking about building Xen for x86_64. The code is in -unstable, although it's still very early. Hence, it might be close to building, even if it doesn't quite work on a regular basis yet.

The apartment hunt continues. Luckily, it seems to be a good time of year to be looking for something — there's a fair bit available for reasonable prices and the weather is also not bad. Speaking of the weather, I'm hoping to get out a little bit on my bike this weekend to try to start riding more regularly again. It looks like it might finally be spring after yesterday's one last attempt at snow.