Fedora Core 4 Test 2 is out. Go out and have a blast testing stuff. Lots of refinements over test1, lilo is dead, some duplication of data in OpenOffice.org has been nixed and perhaps most importantly, has Extras enabled by default in the yum config. Go out and test! The human build machine has made a lot of progress on getting things rebuilt for Extras so most things should work. There is a list of packages which failed to rebuild — feel free to pitch in to help out by fixing the rebuild errors and sending fixes to maintainers (either via bugzilla or just mailing fedora-extras-list). This is a great way to start contributing to Fedora and make yourself known to some of the regular contributors.

And things are continuing to get better. For automation on the building front, skvidal has been working on some scripts to add a make build target. This builds on top of all of the work he already did to get a version of mach using yum instead of apt-rpm so that we could have the system hosted entirely with components we ship. Sopwith has been busy working on automating the procedure for creating contributor accounts. Everyone has been hard at work reviewing packages and helping to get more contributors into the system. We have a steering committee for Fedora Extras that meets weekly to go through a list of issues and action items. And we're getting them done. We're falling down a little bit on communicating out the results but that's fixable. It's encouraging to me to see a lot of this finally happening, even if its long after many of us would have liked. There's still plenty to be done, but we've come a long way.

Spent the end of last week in the UK at the Xen Summit. Lots of interesting stuff going on there. I need to spend some more time this week working on my bootloader for unprivileged guests and then sending the patch for them off to Ian. Although he'd rather see something kexec based, he's willing to put in what I want as well šŸ™‚ Once that's done, I'm going to dive in and try to help get some of the tools stuff ready so that the xenbus code can go in and then we can start thinking about installing to guests.

Otherwise, been spending time looking at apartments. It's definitely time to move again. Have what looks like it might be a good plan, just have to finalize all the details at this point. Hopefully, that will work itself out.

Also have a fair bit of travel to plan for the next bit including a trip to NC for a wedding, New Orleans for the Red Hat Summit, OLS and then probably some other things as well.

Finally, it was snowing here as I left the office today. In April. *boggle*

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