Spent a bit of the weekend actually doing some spring cleaning of the apartment. Also went through some piles of old stuff and just threw it out. I can be a bit of a pack rat sometimes… This should make things a bit easier when we move in a few months. Also did the usual weekend errand running, relaxing and just generally being lazy.

Also, been working a bit on some of what's needed to be able to get sane “boot loader” stuff working with Xen. Hopefully I'll get that working and posted upstream this week. For all the people that have asked, x86_64 support for Xen isn't quite to the point where it makes sense to include in Fedora — work progresses on it upstream and once it's to a point that it's usable, we'll be sure to include it in the Fedora packages.

On a more general Fedora front, Extras stuff is coming along pretty well. The human build system has been doing an amazing job with builds. Discussion continues on how to get to where we don't need Seth filling that role so that he can spend time on more fun tasks.