Had a good weekend, even though I didn't really get anything to speak of done, work-wise.

Woke up on Saturday and went for a little bit of a walk since the weather was (relatively) nice. Was good to get out in the sun. Came home and piddled around for a little bit and then went to pick up my new car. Spent the rest of the day running some errands and just taking the opportunity to drive the new car.

Slept in a bit more on Sunday and then ran normal weekend type errands (ie, grocery shopping). Then, in the evening, up to Chelmsford to have dinner with davej and his wife. Got to the place we were supposed to be eating (and had a reservation for, that had been confirmed the day before, ..) and they were closed for the Super Bowl. They didn't even bother to let us know. Ended up just getting Thai. Food was good, even if it wasn't the original intent. And a good time was had by all I think.

Yesterday, spent most of the day working some more on the device probing stuff for Xen. Finally stopped trying to get my new message type to work and decided to just hijack an existing one to get it working. I'll track down why adding a new message type isn't working after I get things basically working. This ended up being far more productive. Although I spent a lot of the day spinning my wheels first :-/

Today was the start of some release engineering discussions in the office so didn't have as much time to hack on things as would have been nice. Especially as I got my days confused and thought the discussions started tomorrow instead. Oops. Had some good discussions around processes and the like which need changing internally. Also managed to hopefully get the devel tree working again during breaks and lunch — we'll see tomorrow if I got everything in. After the meetings and some this evening, worked some more on Xen. Slow but steady progress.

Still need to find time to sit down and write up my presentations for FUDCon soon. But I want to get some more code written first. So hopefully I'll continue making good progress over the next few days and then I can work on my presentations over this weekend. Luckily, the Xen one is going to have a demo as a good portion of it. Which means I do need to put Xen on my laptop. But that's not difficult. And hopefully I'll be able to take up a good portion of the anaconda talk with some discussion about various ideas.