Hrmm, so what have I been up to?

A lot. After catching back up from the holidays, went on a spree to fix up a variety of things that I wanted to look at for FC4. Biggest and perhaps most noticeable of these was getting the infrastructure in place to use glade for screens in anaconda. Switched out the main frame and put things back together. Glade has definitely come a long way to the point where it's actually reasonable to do this now — and Gazpacho is looking like it might be at least a little nicer to use than glade itself while still getting the advantages of libglade.

Once that was in place, I switched gears for a bit and worked on some stuff related to Xen. As lots of people have noticed, it's landed in the Fedora devel tree. Worked on some stuff to get the installation of dom0 stuff better with automatic (correct) grub.conf entries and some basic instructions on setting things up. After that, started working on some infrastructure in the Xen kernels so that device probing can start to occur, and thus, eventually, installation into a guest domain. First pass at that went out to xen-devel yesterday and I've now got some more work to do on it.

Also been trying to do some stuff behind the scenes to help grease some Fedora wheels into moving along as well as some of the planning around FUDCon for after LinuxWorld. Although I've mostly been in the periphery for the planning, I think that it's going to be very good to get together and talk about things as well as hopefully expose some external people to a lot of the developments that are underway and perhaps not as visible.

And, that's enough of an update for now probably. More work on Xen is the big thing on my todo list for the immediate future. And probably trying to knock out some more of the bugs/features I want to get knocked out for FC4.

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  1. Before I looked up what FUDCon was, I was worried it was Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Con. But wow. I can claim to know people even moreso now that you and Spot are giving such a percentage of the FUDCon presentations.

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