Following up on Bryan's sweet screenshots, I decided to go ahead and make some packages of evince for more people to be able to play with. So, here's a yum repository. Packages will require you to be mostly running the devel tree as they require gtk+ 2.6 — you might be able to get away with installing that on FC3 in addition, but I haven't tried doing so.

In other bits and pieces, had a nice holiday which was spent mostly not doing work related stuff. Read Gridlinked, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and Naked Pictures of Famous People. Also spent some time playing Metroid Prime 2 which is really a lot of fun. The level of detail which they manage to put into things like the aliens' speech, etc make for a very good experience. And, of course, the requisite amount of time just being around family and relaxing.

Getting back into the swing of things now, though, even with the snow coming in and throwing things off a little bit today. Hopefully by next week, things will be completely back to normal and I can start getting some fun/interesting stuff done again.

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