Fedora Core 3 should now be out. It seems to be pretty solid, although as always, there were things I wanted to get in that I didn't have a chance to. Hopefully more of that will happen for FC4. Although to some extent, that will depend on how the end game for RHEL 4 goes (beta2 should also be available).

Otherwise, things are going along well. Watched Dogville yesterday which was a bit … odd. I did kind of like how the set was done, although it was definitely a bit non-traditional. And the story was out there. I can see how it did well at Cannes but not in the US (even on the independent circuit).

Also, picked up the new Me First CD over the weekend… the Christmas arrangment of Hava Nagila is not to be missed.

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  1. We’re actually setting up some high-availibility web and database clusters using Fedora Core 1 with Ultra Monkey. Would you happen to know anybody who’s been through this exercise before?


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