Bugs, bugs, bugs. You might have noticed that anaconda changelogs in the rawhide update reports now have actual useful content. Been going crazy fixing bugs and making pretty good progress.

Also went through and did a massive close out effort of old Red Hat Linux and associated beta bugs. Probably closed out around 200 bugs that either were RFEs that were never going to be done, things like looked like they should be fine now or things that were NEEDINFO'd and never replied to. I think that tomorrow is the pile of similar FC1 bugs.

In other news, the NCSSM reunion is this weekend which should be a lot of fun. Kara is coming down with me and it'll be good to show her some parts of the triangle. If you're down there and want to meet up with me at some point, let me know… I'm hoping to start solidifying some plans better in the next few days.

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