Busy, busy, busy. FC3 test2 was released yesterday. Lots of changes and fixes in there. SELinux is on by default, udev replaces a static dev, nearly GNOME 2.8 (2.8 coming in rawhide over the next few days), LVM by default on fresh installs and probably a good dose of other things. Doesn't seem to be too bad, although udev still has a couple of corner cases that need help. And turning off udev is almost guaranteed to break.

Otherwise, was up here last weekend. The weather wasn't quite as good as it was for some others due to the rain from Ivan all day on Saturday, but otherwise, had a good time. The MIT Museum is quite cool.

Hoping to make a pass through anaconda bugs triaging them a bit better tomorrow. Then there will be a good list of what definitely needs fixing so that I can concentrate on them better.