Took a trip to Washington, DC over the weekend with Kara. Was a lot of fun and managed to do plenty of stuff.

We got up there late Thursday evening. We were running a little bit later than we had wanted to getting to the airport, but it didn't end up being a problem. There were a few interesting bits about the airport, though. To provide the background, I was wearing my “Red Hat Engineering Meeting” t-shirt. As we were going through security, the guy working the metal detector asked “so why do you use Linux anyway?” So I ended up talking to him for about five minutes or so about Linux and Red Hat and working at Red Hat. Thought that was a bit strange and then it got stranger as we got onto the plane and the flight attendant engaged me in a conversation about Linux too… it seems he'd heard about it but didn't know much about it. So, gave him some information, too. Weird, but kind of cool at the same time. Good to see people wanting to find out more about their alternatives to the Microsoft machine.

Friday, woke up and headed over to the Holocaust museum. We only really went through the permanent exhibition, but that was enough, really. It really is an impressive museum. Took us most of the afternoon. After that, we wandered around downtown a little and walked past the White House, where they're doing road construction. So, couldn't even get as close as usual. The squirrels there were quite impressively friendly… more so even than the ones I'm used to from NCSSM. That evening, we headed out to Adams-Morgan to grab a bite for dinner. Walked around just to see what was there and popped into a few shops. Ended up eating at a Mexican place there that was pretty good. Walked back to the Metro stop and tried to get to sleep a little earlier.

Saturday had been deemed to be Smithsonian day and thus we headed out to the Smithsonian stop. First on the list of stops was the Museum of American History. Spent a while there and then popped over to next door to the Museum of Natural History to see a) the Hope diamond b) the rest of the minerals and gems and c) the dinosaurs. By the time we got through that, it was about 7. So, we headed out to Georgetown to find a restaurant. Ended up going to a place called Clyde's. It was fairly good, even if the people at the table next to us didn't think so. I felt bad for the waitress who had been at work since 9 am… what a sucky shift :/

Sunday was to be a slower day. We met up with a friend of Kara's whom she had gone to college with. Grabbed lunch with him and just meandered around a little. Finally headed back and stopped to get a drink. Of course, being DC, the only place to actually get drinks during the weekend downtown is the museums, so we popped into the Air and Space Museum for a quick tour. Then, headed out to Old Town Alexandria for the evening. It was kind of drizzly at first, but cleared up. We ended up going on the Ghosts and Graveyards tour which was kind of fun, even if the jokes were horrendous. Grabbed dinner and then headed back to the hotel.

Monday, woke up and managed to catch our flight with plenty of time to spare. Got back here and spent quite a while catching up with mail and bugzilla from having been gone for a few days.

Today was a bit more of my usual mundane pattern. Read bugs, fix bugs, build fixes. Got a fair bit fixed so that hopefully FC3 test2 will be able to get out on time. More testing tomorrow will be warranted, though.