Got a fair bit done today. There's simple editing of logical volumes now in text mode since anaconda is using LVM for the default autopartioning setup. So that should make some people happy. Although really, the text mode installer is far less nice to use than the graphical one.

Then, made all of the changes for udev on tmpfs (instead of ramfs) and turned it back on by default since the kernel in rawhide tomorrow should support xattrs on tmpfs. That should make udev + SELinux happy.

Other smaller things included the building of yum 2.1.0 into rawhide for seth and getting i2o probing working with the new stuff in sysfs for i2o_block.

This evening has been mostly relaxed. Walked around Brookline with Kara looking for a place to eat. And also just sort of exploring. Was a nice walk as the weather was pretty nice. Ended up eating dinner at Chef Chow's. Then, haven't done much other than watch a variety of movie trailers for things coming out in the near-ish future. Team America looks like it might be a lot of fun.

Tomorrow is starting to clean up from all of the last minute changes so that we can get FC3 test2 out into everyone's eager hands. Feel free to try out the devel tree and report any problems, especially show-stopper-ish ones.