Been a busy few weeks. On the work/Fedora side of things, I've mostly been keeping busy with trying to get some RHEL deliverables ready to go out. This hasn't left a lot of time for doing more Fedora specific things (although a lot of it has benefited Fedora). Not quite as much as I'd like, though.

Today, spent some time this afternoon working on getting working makefiles for yum 2.1.x. Sent the patches off to Seth, so hopefully I'll be able to get that into rawhide in the next day or so. Tomorrow, I'm planning to try to work on some simple LVM configuration for text mode during install. After that, no real features to speak of and just trying to get the bug count down between now and the Fedora Core 3 release.

In non-work stuff, have had friends in town both of the past two weekends. flew in the weekend before last and much ensued. The laser light show at the planetarium was kind of cool and the aquarium was a lot of fun as well. I took a lot of pictures at the latter that I need to put up sometime this week.

Then, this weekend, flew up. He got a sort of different view of Boston, including a trip down to the South Shore for the Marshfield Fair and Plymouth Rock (or Plymouth Pebble). Sunday, we went on a duck tour which was wicked awesome. Gave me a much better idea of some things in Boston.

And then, this weekend, Kara and I are heading down to DC for the weekend. She's never been, so it should be fun. We won't see everything, but we'll hopefully hit some of the high points.