Productive couple of days.

Yesterday was spent mostly on the initramfs stuff and other mkinitrd changes. Landed mkinitrd 4.0.0 with initramfs support into rawhide, we'll see what breaks. Hopefully not too much but I'm kind of doubting my luck here. Worked in my quick testing at least. Also did a variety of other little mkinitrd bug fixes. One of these days, though, I need to update grubby to handle full device names specified in the grub.conf. I don't think this should be that difficult, it's just a matter of sitting down and doing it. Or having someone be motivated enough to send me a patch.

Also ended up spending a good part of yesterday tracking down how trees have been breaking. Turns out that it's a slight change in the behavior of bash3. anaconda's scripts regularly would use something like foo=$(ls $path/${PKG}*{${ARCH},noarch}.rpm) which ends up not working so well. Fixed it up and added some more weird error case handling in the process.

Today was spent looking at trees and trying to knock out my backlog of bugs. Trees seem to be sort of okay, aside from an SELinux issue that dwalsh fixed up. Also went through the updated anaconda-help stuff from smoore and got it building. Should be nice to have that updated now.