Worked some more on the initramfs changes to mkinitrd on Friday. At this point, it seems to basically work. Booting with init=/bin/bash blows up for some reason, though. Hopefully I'll figure that out pretty quickly on Monday.

Friday evening I disappeared for the weekend. Had a nice and relaxing time and caught up a bit on sleeping. Which is good, since I was a bit behind still from OLS. Otherwise, not much to speak of.

It is getting a bit warm in Boston, though, and I'm starting to regret my lack of air conditioning. I've put in a call to my management company to see if they mind if I put in a window unit. Not quite the same as central air, but they do work fairly well. I'm guessing they won't mind as a number of the other apartments in the same building as mine have window units.

This week should be a little slow around the office. All of our product managers, partner managers and management types are out in San Francisco for Linux World. I'm hoping to get a little bit done on cleaning up mkinitrd bugs, including the udev integration.

Then, on Thursday, K and I head down to New York to meet up with large chunks of my family. My parents along with my sister and her boyfriend are flying up from NC and we're all converging on my aunt and uncle. Promises to at least be interesting. We're going to take the ferry from CT to Long Island instead of doing the drive the full way (including the bit about driving on the Long Island Expressway from the city to the island during rush hour).

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  1. Air conditioning == good. And while it was certainly nice and courteous of you to ask your apartment management if you could put one up, I don’t think it’s necessary. I mean, what are they going to say, “No, sorry, you have to suffer?” 🙂

    BTW, Sears usually has some pretty good deals and rebates on ACs. We’re very happy with our Kenmores we’ve bought from them.

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