So, since I didn't write about the rest of OLS, I'll just sum it up as it went well. SELinux and udev BOFs went about how they figured they would. I guess it was exciting. In the udev one, I felt like the only userspace person in the room and going up against the juggernaut of the kernel.

Afterwards, had a little bit of a chance to talk with hpa about initramfs stuff and gregkh about udev related changes. So, have some ideas I'm following through on there now.

Made it back on Sunday on an earlier flight than I had originally booked. Was good to get back and I was fairly exhausted.

Monday, back to work and the beginning of unpacking for a new office. Three days later, I finished that up. So today I was able to finally get back to getting work done. I now have the changes almost done for mkinitrd to create an initramfs instead of an initrd and I might have even avoided breaking 2.4 support. There's a pile of other mkinitrd related things that I need to look at over the next little bit as well, including some of the udev integration and some diskless stuff for the desktop group.

And that's the quick summary. Back to catching up on my email replies and bugzilla…