A few meetings today and a lot of packing. My office is now all packed up and ready for the movers next week. All told, there are about 15 machines, 2 switches, one terminal (for an iSeries), 3 monitors and five boxes of stuff. It's vaguely impressive or sad one… I almost feel like I should have taken a picture.

Didn't get any further on the udev stuff, but harald is mostly pushing that along nicely. Unfortunately, some of my recent pokings have led to a little bit of neglect on the anaconda side of things, but it doesn't seem to be doing too badly. Reports from FC3 test1 thus far seem to be very benign. A couple of bugs that were easy to fix and that's about the only things being reported. Not sure if that's due to lack of testing or that it's actually working fairly well. Then again, I expect things to pick up there after this weekend as weekends are typically bigger testing weekends for “community” folks. I'm counting on nasrat to do a bit of triaging while I'm gone 🙂

Also, Specifix has now been unveiled. I need to look more at Conary before really giving any real or informed opinions about it. Definitely some interesting stuff in the paper, though. Should be interesting to see the presentation at OLS and also to play with a bit.

Looking forward to OLS as it should be a nice break from the day to day. Will also be good to be able to sit down and have talks with some people about various things. A number of Fedora folks should be there, so hopefully we'll get a chance to sit down and talk about some stuff.