Had a good weekend. Pretty much completely avoided work for a change, which was kind of different and nice in its own way. It let me come back with a slightly different perspective on things. Sort of halfway read some mail while I was gone, but avoided replying to any.

Got back yesterday and started replying to mail. Spent all day basically between that and bugzilla. Some good discussions underway on fedora-devel about udev. As might be obvious, I'm not convinced it's solving the right problems. I think that a far simpler thing could be used to give HAL the information which it needs without any of the dynamic dev creation. That just adds a lot of complication to very little (IMHO) gain. Especially as udev doesn't dictate at all what your naming scheme should be and so you end up with a mess of possibilities and shell scripts to allow everyone to do it exactly how they want. I'm working on a more complete write-up of the problems I see with it… should hopefully finish that up by the weekend.

Today, took the opposite approach and mostly ignored email. Fixed up a few things that were causing problems for the first FC3 test release. SELinux is now turned back on by default. The “targeted” policy should be less invasive, but we'll see. The lack of anyone doing install testing with SELinux turned on was made obvious by the big fat “files created by anaconda don't get labeled right” problem. Ended up being caused by changes to libselinux, but worked around in anaconda.

The other fun thing I did was go ahead and get all of the changes in so that we use LVM for when people select to auto-partition. This provides some useful advantages for when people add disks and so I think that it's fairly worthwhile. Also, LV resizing is a much simpler operation than partition resizing. Seemed to work pretty well in some quick testing, but it won't make test1 just due to timing.