I picked up Soul Calibur II for the PS2 last fall and only played it a little at the time. I'm not quite sure why I didn't get more into it. Last night I started playing some more… I'm now most of the way through Weapon Master mode (the first time at least). The game play is pretty good and I'm starting to move beyond button masher mode I think 😉

Not sure how long the single player mode will really be able to occupy me as it's starting to get a bit monotonous, but at the same time, having unlocked stuff will make multi-player more fun.

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  1. soul calibur II

    milti-player is definitely more fun. especially if you do it with unlimited injury and time– then you try to win by kicking the other player off the edge of whatever set. =D

    /me recalls good memories of playing it endlessly with mr. yum (xinghua vs mina seung or cassandra vs talim). yeah, the girls are a lot faster and have lighter weapons than the heavy-metal-encrusted whats-his-name necrid? though cervantes is pretty scary in his own right.

    okay, enough blathering. i’ll let you play. 🙂

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