Blah, got pulled into doing some stuff at the last minute that I knew was going to have to be done, but I was still hoping to be wrong for a change. Oh well, got most of it knocked out, should finish it up pretty simply tomorrow. Probably would have tonight except I managed to hose my test box somehow and so need to poke the reset button on it tomorrow.

Some discussions with mdomsch on anaconda-devel-list about some of the things the edd module gives us the ability to do. A lot of people have always wanted “put this partition on the first disk” sort of functionality, and I think that this will give it to us cleanly. In the manner that the BIOS sees them. Which should be pretty cool. Have a kernel patch for it built on another test box that I have to poke at the office tomorrow.

The other bit of cool news for the day was the (re-)opening of the GFS stuff. GFS was originally open, then Sistina closed it and now that we bought Sistina, we've re-GPL'd it for the world. Definitely the right thing to do and hopefully there will be some useful things going on in that space now around GFS. I haven't looked at it much, but I have a good deal of respect for some of the people who have worked on it.

Life-wise, things continue moving onwards. Good times.