Another day, another argument with the world of kernel developers. I know that they mean well, but having kernel developers say what a good interface is for userspace people is roughly equivalent of a GUI designer saying what a good kernel interface is. Yes, there are some cases where this can work, but in most of them, it just falls short. Oh well, I haven't been in a good flamewar in a while, so this should be fun.

Slow and boring weekend for the most part. Watched City of God last night. I thought it was pretty good and well done, but it wasn't as good as made it out to be. I enjoyed it, though. Poked at a few little packaging things that got pointed out on fedora-devel yesterday and proceeded to try to remove gtk+ 1.2 from my system. I'm down to xmms (which I could remove), nmap-frontend (which I could remove, but would occasionally be annoying) and gstreamer-plugins. For some reason, libgsdevdec depends on gtk+ 1.2 — this seems like it's not really needed as the only bit of libdv I can find that really has a gtk+ 1.2 dependency is playdv, which isn't needed for the library. Planning to look a little more later and then send off a mail to make sure I'm not going crazy. Now if only everything would use the new file selector… 😉

Oh well, off to find something more exciting to do for a little bit.