Moving right along with getting a variety of things cleaned up. Added a few more bits to improve the support of wireless cards within anaconda. You should be able to set the essid and WEP key in stage2 as well as for the device you're using to install. I need to add the bits so you can set them in kickstart; I'll probably do that before I go to bed, though.

Also have cleaned up the firewall configuration screen quite a bit (screenshot). The wording needs a little bit of love still, but overall, I think it's an improvement. The trusted device stuff was kind of silly without actual support for setting up masquerading and the list of services is definitely more sane like this. The code ended up being quite a bit cleaner as well.

In bigger Fedora news, the rebuild of all of the packages with gcc 3.4 continues to chug along. Hopefully that'll clear out by the end of the week and we can spend next week fixing up things that failed and generally resanitizing things. I'll probably think about turning SELinux on by default again after that, just to make the devel tree really live on the edge πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “341136”

  1. Looks like…

    That firewall configuration screen looks an awful lot like the OS X firewall configuration screen. (I can’t find a Panther firewall screenshot, but here’s one of the jaguar version which is the same except that the “Network Address” part has been removed.)

    How are you translating that to iptables rules? Are you using straight iptables or are you using something like shorewall (which mandrake uses, btw).

  2. Re: Looks like…

    Heh, surprising that two different groups come to the same “let’s have a simple firewall UI” πŸ™‚ I don’t think I like the add/edit/delete services bit, but I might eventually get convinced there. At least for the post-install tool (I think it’s a bit overkill during install, although it would be trivial to implement at this point)

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