Finished up the driver disk stuff I've been working on today I hope. I need to test it a little bit more, but it looks pretty good thus far. So now you should be able to put the image file of a driver disk on your USB pendrive or whatever and then use that for your driver disk. This makes it so that a) you don't have to wipe your USB pen drive to use a driver disk and b) we can use more than just things that show up as “floppies” (or CD-ROMs). This is actually getting to be a fairly popular request from people as the floppy finally disappears. And in doing so, I added some infrastructure to be able to do some other interesting things with file/directory selection as well if they're decided to be worthwhile.

And I've now jumped on the gmail bandwagon. I subscribed to a few of the lists I read from it and figure I'll see how it does with them. Fun to play with if nothing else.

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