Mostly did some housekeeping items today. A few meetings thrown in for additional fun and hijinx.

anaconda-images is no more. All of the fedora specific logos are now in fedora-logos (or redhat-logos for the RHEL case). A few images were no longer used so I nuked and a few were no longer using trademarked bits and so moved to anaconda proper. The only thing that doesn't really have a home right now is the rnotes, but I figure I can put them in their own package if I don't come up with somewhere better for them in the next month or so. Which has a few distinct advantages.

Also, started working on my newt-based file browser stuff so that I can get driver disk loading from arbitrary devices nice and easy to use. This will also be nice to have for hard drive installs as the current situation where you have to remember the path to the images is less than ideal. Hopefully I'll finish part of it up tomorrow and then I can get the driver disk bit done the start of next week.

My list of things I definitely want to get done is being slowly but surely eroded. I'll probably have to context switch and do some stuff related to Red Hat Enterprise Linux updates in a week or two, though.