A few things accomplished today… wireless installs now work and I've also got a nice little dialog to ask if you wish to do a VNC install for when X fails to start. This should be a nice little way of discouraging text mode installs. It's somewhat unfortunate, but they just can't keep up feature-wise due to crap toolkit and other things like that.

Annoying bit coming into work today. Traffic basically stopped on Route 3 right at the 495N exit (I take the 495S exit half a mile further down). There had been a little bit of random stoppage from the weather + construction, so at first I figured it was just that. Instead, it turned out to have been due to an eighteen-wheeler overturning and blocking both lanes of the road. That led to a bit of fun — yay for off-roading across the little bit between the shoulder and the exit ramp. Eventually made it to work, although it took me an hour instead of my usual thirty minutes.