Fedora Core 2 is now out. Rejoice and be merry or something like that.

Now that that's done, I can get back to writing new code again in an attempt to break lots of stuff. Spent a fair bit of time in meetings today and getting build roots happy for Fedora Core 3 development. The latter should be all squared away now and the Fedora devel tree should have new packages flowing again. If you can get to the servers.

Also made further progress on handling kickstart errors nicely, switched from using mkraid/raidtools to mdadm and added support for RAID6 to anaconda.

I'm planning to spend a day or so next week moving anaconda CVS to be public and infrastructure around that. At the same time, I'm going to send out the todo list that I'm somewhat working off of for FC3 for people to a) add to and b) decide to contribute things off of. Just need to finish cleaning it up a little bit (and get the people internally whom I'm getting to do things to agree to doing them 🙂