Battery life on the X31 with the extended battery is pretty impressive. I was at 10% battery with an estimated 45 minutes remaining earlier today about six hours after I unsuspended. And my only battery saving to speak of right now is cpuspeed and a noatime /tmp. Switching to ACPI and using some of the laptop mode stuff can probably get me another half hour which starts to push the battery life into the “ridiculous” category. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Otherwise, did some random procedural stuff today. Caught up on mail somewhat, though not completely yet. I'm kind of doubting my whole “ignore lots of mail on the weekend” plan. Also wrote up some of my anaconda plans for things I want to see getting done in the next six months… going to let nasrat at some of them. Once I go through them with him, I'll throw them up for others to look through as well (and critique and add ideas hopefully).

Also quickly threw together the bits that should make it so that installs via USB network adapters is possible. Not a big deal in most cases, but one of those “nice to have” sorts of things. I meant to do it at the beginning of the FC2 cycle, but dealing with 2.6 got in the way and then I moved and then there was SELinux and then it was too late. Nice thing about the regular, every six month release cycles is that this means they can just be picked up on the next go around.

Going to finish up reading Wonder Boys shortly and then probably piddle around some online and maybe rot my brain a bit watching tv.