It's been a while since I've really posted much. Went to North Carolina for the company meeting and then spent a while longer down there hanging out with folks. Was good to see people and hang out. Came back, got my new laptop (Thinkpad X31 — very nice, highly recommended for anyone wondering) and futzed around quickly with setting it up. Then, got down to getting FC2 ready to go out. That's finally all set with its release being Tuesday. Also have done lots of work to get the various RHEL architectures back into shape with a 2.6 kernel.

Now that all that's out of the way, I'm going to start trying to get some fun development done for a little bit before the whole cycle of releases sucking my time gets me down again. I've got a variety of little things I'm hoping to get to work on, not to mention cleaning up the plethora of bugs hat have piled up against anaconda at this point.

Life-wise, been reading a lot and watching a lot of movies. All caught up with my TiVo watching after being gone for most of two weeks and back into my “watch lots of stuff from Netflix” mode.

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  1. Aironet (had to downgrade the firmware, but otherwise works fine with the driver in 2.6). There’s a driver for the Centrino stuff, too, but it’s somewhat alpha and not in our kernels right now.

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