Spent a large chunk of the day looking at various upgrade related things and coming up with workarounds for them. They're kind of hacky, but they work. LVM1 -> LVM2 transition is just kind of ugly to handle. And an SELinux related thing or two. Lots of bugzilla and mail and shuffling some stuff to translators based on feedback from the anaconda in many languages stuff. Got good feedback on that, which was nice.

And because I've neglected it a little, did some little RHEL related things that needed doing.

Sat down for a while this afternoon and helped get Dave Malcolm up to speed on the evolution package since he's going to be taking it over from me. I've had fun with it, but I really can't give it the time it deserves these days. I'll still poke at things from time to time and probably fix things here and there, but there will be someone to actually have time to look at bug reports a bit more than I did which is good.

Otherwise, quiet day. Oh, I have to thank for her recommendation a while back of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra — Beethoven's Last Night is a really good album.

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  1. Yay, I’m glad you like it. The other two albums are great, too, but you should probably wait until Christmas to listen to them. 😉 Although if you like metal at all and want to hear more TSO stuff, you can check out the band Savatage, which is what TSO is sort of a spin-off of. Same guys, same concept (each album is a story), just a wee bit more metal.

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