Slow weekend. Spent a while yesterday sitting out in Harvard Square reading. Then dinner and more reading. Came home after finishing my book (and picking up a few more) to watch 21 Grams. Kind of depressing, but well done. Unfortunately the “trick” to the movie is starting to be overdone a bit… it's getting to be a bit easy to spot.

Today I've stayed in and poked around for the most part. Caught up on some TiVo watching and poked at some stuff for work. Sent notting a patch for iSeries device probing in kudzu. rawhide kernel boots on iSeries now and I think that with the kudzu changes, anaconda should basically work again on iSeries. pSeries seemed to work the last time I tried. ia64 looked like it worked, but really testing and checking stuff is blocking on the fact that elilo doesn't work when compiled with gcc 3.3 or newer. I'll probably try to work some on the bits needed for s390 tonight. Then, when I'm in Raleigh, I'm going to try to hijack the G4 there to get installs on Mac happier just because I'd like to see Fedora working nicely on Apple hardware.

I was kind of frightened, though, by the ease with which I remembered a lot of the OS/400 mumbo jumbo required for getting Linux installed. Especially as I hadn't really done anything on iSeries in nearly six months. Similar amounts of disturbance related to dealing with z/vm on s390.

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  1. > Then, when I’m in Raleigh, I’m going to try to hijack the G4 there
    > to get installs on Mac happier just because I’d like to see Fedora
    > working nicely on Apple hardware.

    You do that and I’ll build you a shrine. šŸ™‚

  2. Mac support

    A lot of people are going to be v. happy.

    dwmw2 seems to think everything should be in place in rawhide. I’ve sync’d a mirror but not had time to run an install. Probably tonight.

  3. Yeah, 21 Grams was good, but, well… there’s something people seem to be forgetting about the “rearrange the movie” technique. You really can’t use that gimmick to conceal parts of the plot until the end. It doesn’t work. It only kindof worked for The Usual Suspects, but that movie didn’t really use it. Likewise for Memento — you could have done exactly the same without the ordering.

    Still, the movie was pretty good.

  4. Re: Mac support

    I know that everything’s not in place in rawhide as far as anaconda is concerned šŸ™‚ He was doing some odd partitioning stuff. I don’t think it’ll be that difficult to do, though.

  5. Re: Mac support

    That only makes it so that parted can actually manipulate mac partition tables. There are still a variety of other “strange” things that have to be handled within anaconda proper, eg, the Apple Bootstrap partitions, etc

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