Hmm, boring week.

Basically just trying to get things in shape for test3 to freeze and release. Spent a lot of time looking at this geometry stuff and trying to reproduce sanely without much luck. So, I've done some educated guessing based on the feedback I got and am hoping that things will be happier with test3. And then looked at a variety of other things.

There's even

anaconda in Bengali
anaconda running in Bengali

anaconda in Farsi
anaconda running in Farsi

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to spend most of the day testing installs and coming up with a list of things that need to be fixed for test3 and trying to knock them out. Need to resurrect some of my old testing framework stuff so that I can knock some bits out faster. I should have enough hardware to parallelize a bit. But now, read, then sleep.

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  1. Yes.

    Basically the way gettext (which is what anaconda uses for translations) works is that you mark all of the strings in your program that you want to have displayed translated. The strings are pulled out into a catalog. Translators translate the strings. Then, when the program runs, it looks up the string in the translation catalog to see if there’s a translated match. If so, it uses that. If not, then it uses the original string.

    If that makes any sense considering it’s 3 in the morning and it’s far more information than you really wanted 🙂

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