Call for some testing by people dual booting between FC2 and Windows

Something a bit different than my norm, but since this gets put up on Fedora People now, it might be the most effective way to get some testing here

Could people who have experienced difficulty with dual-booting between their FC2 test2 installs and a Windows install of some sort get as much as possible of the following information for me?

If you could add the information to bug 116653, that'll be the most helpful for tracking purposes.

  1. The geometry as reported by parted (if you can get from an old FC1 install and an FC2, that would really rule [1])
  2. modprobe edd and then get the values from all of the files in /sys/firmware/edd/int13_dev80
  3. The output of 'geometry (hd0)' from a grub prompt in a running 2.6 kernel
  4. The output of 'geometry (hd0)' from a grub prompt when booting from the BIOS

[1] tells me that I should now say that it would be wicked awesome, but I obviously haven't completely adjusted to living in Massachusetts yet.