Quiet weekend. Watched some stuff from Netflix. Read quite a bit. Also caught up on bugzilla and some fun things like that.

But the interesting bit was my going to dinner this evening. I tried out the new taqueria in Harvard Square (which, incidentally, isn't bad… it's no Cosmic, but without a Cosmic in the area, it'll serve as a substitute). I was just finishing up my food and the fire alarm started going off. I was nearly done, so I quickly finished up and headed out. I wasn't quite sure if it was all of The Garage at that point or just this place, so I walked around the corner and saw that the Starbuck's employees were ushering people out of the building and locking up. I figure I'll wait a couple of minutes — this should be fast, right? Then I can get a hot chocolate and sit and read for a few hours.

Well, long story short… it took about 12+ minutes for the Cambridge fire department to show up. Much fun was made of the people in Pho Pasteur who wouldn't actually leave.. comments such as “they really want those noodles well done” were made. Also the people, who although they were told the fire alarm was going off, insisted on going inside obviously didn't have any sort of self-preservation instinct. Not to mention that that thing was loud. Eventually, the fire department showed up and gave the all clear and also (I'm guessing) fined Pho Pasteur for not getting everyone out as they should have. Of course, this was after we saw another fire truck fly by on Mt Auburn and not stop…

Okay, so not that interesting. But it was funny if you were there. Especially making fun of the people not leaving. I thought this was one of those things you learned in kindergarten, but obviously I am incorrect again on that — I must have had a particularly educational kindergarten experience.

And upon reading, I wonder if this was related to the power surge being discussed in … it could also explain the length of time for the fire department to respond.

4 thoughts on “330588”

  1. Power surges can really fuck up our alarms at work… in fact, I’m pretty surprised no one’s called me to go over there and reset anything. 😉 It was quick enough that it might not have affected anything, though.

    People not leaving during a fire alarm seems to be pretty common here. People tend to wait around for someone to tell them it’s an actual alarm and not a false one.

  2. I would like for there to be one in Cambridge, preferably near Harvard or Porter Square… I should actually go by when I’m in the triangle the end of the month and tell them in person.

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