Hmmm… haven't posted in a while. Pseudo-summary of stuff

  • Lots of work. Been trying to balance FC2 stuff against all of the needs/wants for various RHEL updates. Also been trying to get all the arches going with 2.6 and anaconda. Varying degrees of success. All of the networking stuff on s390 has changed, so having to track down the changes which is … interesting to say the least
  • Meetings are the bane of my existence
  • Went to the World Tour stuff in Cambridge on Monday along with the job fair. RMS showed up and spoke. Be afraid. He was actually fairly reasonable, though.
  • Real GNOME 2.6 release party Wednesday night. Fun to hang out with the monkeys and talk to them about stuff.
  • Found a cool bookstore today that sells basically just science fiction and fantasy books. And they have a large selection. It's like a candy store for a diabetic…
  • Picked up and read all of Coraline from aforementioned book store. If you haven't read it yet and you like Neil Gaiman, you should. It's a quick, fun read.
  • Terribly far behind on bugzilla… hopefully will catch up this week

And that's about all I can think of. Terribly exciting, I know.