Went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tonight. Ended up going to the theater right beside Boston Common, which was a nice enough theater even if it's absurdly expensive. Not that it's really much more than anywhere else around here, but I haven't been to a lot of movies since I moved and so haven't quite adjusted my frame of mind for cost there.

As for the movie, I thought it was extremely good. I was impressed with Jim Carrey for a change and the rest of the cast did a very good job as well. Fairy neat story premise although I figured out the “twists” such as they were pretty quick. Also, good score by Jon Brion.

And now, I think it's TiVo time.

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  1. Had we not been with people who preferred not to support the big evil chain theatres, we’d totally have seen Eternal Sunshine at Loew’s Boston Common last night. It’s the most comfortable theatre around, and the stadium seating is quite nice. šŸ˜‰ (We saw it at the Kendall instead, which is a really neat indie theatre a 20-min. walk from our apartment.)

    The prices there are pretty much what they are everywhere around here, but here’s a tip for a cheap dinner-and-a-movie night: The Longhorn Steakhouse at the Landmark Center (at the Fenway or Kenmore T stop) sells tickets to the AMC Fenway 13 next door for $7. You have to eat there, of course, but the food’s great and reasonably priced. Also, they have baked sweet potatoes and real sweet tea! It’s a pretty nice deal, we take advantage of it a lot. The AMC Fenway 13 has smaller seats than the Loew’s theatres (not an issue for you, but sometimes a sticking point for me), but there’s much more footroom between rows and the popcorn is excellent.

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