Continued busyness through the week. Test2 is starting to look like it's in reasonable shape, though. A few things still that should probably be ironed out, but if not, they're not end of the world sorts of things. rhgb not starting the second time is weird, but I'm thinking it might be related to /tmp/.X11-unix's security xattrs. Also need to get started looking at 2.6 on s390. pSeries should work now with my tiny kernel patch from Tuesday and ia64 is coming along, although cramfs is kind of broken.

Was going to go see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tonight with Nalin, but didn't quite get to dinner soon enough and so it was a little too late by the time we got done. So, I'll probably try to catch it later in the weekend. Instead, watching Sylvia at the moment as I have it from Netflix.

Otherwise, plan to have a somewhat slow weekend. Need to go pick up a new access point but other than that, going to try to relax a bit.