Busy day. Got into the office fairly early. Had our group meeting. Ra ra ra. Nothing earth shattering there. Proceeded to start poking at the pseries tree I had built the night before since rawhide hadn't synced to the office yet. Hit problems from parted calling blk_pg_ioctl. Simple kernel patch later and that's fixed, sent upstream and poked arjan about it. Also miscellaneous bugs and other random crap. And waiting on rsync.

As the snow started to fall, left the office. Got home before it got bad. Proceeded to get working from here. Brought up VMware 4.5 (now with PXE support) although I haven't goaded the PXE support into working yet. Also looks like it has support for a second SCSI and ethernet type. Haven't really poked those, had better things to do.

Hunkered down and got to work on install stuff. Tested the installer. Reworked the SELinux stuff to be a little bit more modular and give me a little bit more freedom in the future. Implemented in text mode and kickstart also. So you should now have the nice way to select enforcing/permissive/no SELinux. Wording still needs work, but it'll do for right now even if it means that I'm going to have to break the string freeze later 🙁

Now I'm just going through and fixing things found on a basic personal desktop install and trying to fix them up. gstreamer 0.8.0 bumped sonames, so threw lots of stuff at the build system, some SELinux niggles, firstboot user creation, consolehelper. And other miscellaneous stuff that I've forgotten already.

And with the snow tomorrow, I'll bet I'm going to be working from home again tomorrow. Which considering how productive I've been this evening, might not be so bad after all.

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  1. Hi there Jeremy-
    Perhaps this is a little strange, I’m Nicole and I know Gray and I was wondering if you could help me out. I have Fedora Core 1 I think that Gray installed on my computer. And, I have gnutella, but the problem is that there is a firewall that the school has built so I can’t connect to the system. Is there anyway to reconfigure this so I can or another system I could use that wouldn’t have this problem?


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