Slow weekend. Read a bit, wandered around something… nothing all too terribly exciting. Some replying on fedora-devel-list and discussion about package updates.

Today, lots of the usual Monday stuff. Lots of catching up with mail, lots of catching up with bugzilla. Not the worst of these, but not necessarily a good one either. Did some poking at some new hardware just to see how things are looking there, not too bad although a few funkinesses to track down.

Eventually got to one of the things off of my todo list. usb-storage should be happier when you have scsi disks. The whole module name munging needed for delete_module in 2.6 is kind of bizarre. But now that that's done, usb-storage gets rmmod'd around scsi module insertions again so that scsi disks end up “right” (since usb-storage doesn't end up in initrds).

Also started poking at getting trees together for other arches. ia64 and pseries will be first (since they should be pretty simple) and then on to the harder of s390.

Weather forecast is calling for a fun winter storm tomorrow afternoon to evening and into Wednesday morning. And then continuing through the rest of the week. I knew that the false spring was too good to be true. *sigh* Foot of snow here I come.