Another day, more meetings. Too often the story of my existence right now, but so it goes. Not too bad of a day, though. Worked on a variety of non-meeting things.

Tested Bill's fix for ethernet devices showing up as just eth without an actual number attached — got it working pretty quick. Not sure why I wasn't actually using it yesterday, but whatever.

Started poking at what I want to do to get noprobe functional again; I have a few ideas now, it's just deciding which I want to go with. Unfortunately most are going to require more than just kudzu. I guess I could add a PROBE_LOADED to kudzu and have it only show devices that are available with loaded modules.

Worked on cleaning up our parted packages a bit. dburcaw pointed out last night that our tarball isn't exactly pristine. I now have our patches broken out into three categories: s390 (dasd) support, int changes and the python module. I'm thinking I'm going to actually put the python module in its own stand-alone module in CVS and package. It makes sense since its never been upstream and I can't forsee that causing any problems since the module just uses public API functions. Should simplify maintenance and updating a bit too, leaving just the s390 stuff as the big patch.

Then, spent the evening building updated evolution packages, both 1.4.6 and 1.5.5. 1.5.5 for i386 should be making its way to http://people.redhat.com/~katzj/evolution/ shortly. Also started poking at the 2.2.0 RC1 release of pygtk. And a yum snap built for seth too.

So actually I guess it was a pretty productive day.