Another Monday. A bit more meeting enhanced than usual, including a benefits meeting. *yawn*. I guess it's necessary though. Even if I do have about as good of an idea of how PPOs work as they do since my dad worked with them all the time as I was growing up, trying to improve how they worked with PAs. And the “call a nurse on call” stuff is also amusing… I'll just call my parents 🙂

As far as interesting stuff I got done… not a lot. Installed the Athlon64 box. Need to convince a few things to work better, but it's not in terribly bad shape. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more productive. Especially if the build system cooperates better.

More reading in Temple of the Winds. As I was standing outside of Starbuck's afterwards, I realized that I really do enjoy weather like this. It was right about freezing, there was light snow falling and some snow on the ground. Just something about it makes you feel alive. I don't know, that's my random thought for the night.