Busy day. Lots of meetings. Made some progress on SELinux stuff… I can now boot in enforcing mode right after a minimal install. Dan fixed a few problems that got hit so hopefully a minimal install booting into enforcing mode should be fairly clean tomorrow. There's some stuff on larger installs that needs fixing, but it should be pretty simple. Just working through it.

Also did a quick little feature I've been meaning to get to… now if you do an install to xfs, reiserfs, jfs, etc, anaconda will make sure the appropriate utiities will get selected to be installed too. It's not a huge change but it should make things nicer for people wanting to install to other filesystems and then not bloat the install for people who don't want them.

Read a bit more in Quicksilver tonight… it definitely picks up in book three. I'll probably finish it up later tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow as I have a meeting at way too early in the morning tomorrow.

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  1. Stuck

    I’ve been stuck at the end of book 2 since new years. I really should finish it, especially since the copy I’m reading is borrowed…

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