Parents made it… wandered around Boston some today with them, walked the vast majority of the Freedom Trail. Otherwise, have watched a few movies, eaten and not done a whole lot.

And interesting news story you might have missed hearing the first time around — the chairman of Smith & Wesson's board stepped down a couple of weeks ago after it was revealed that he was convicted on multiple counts of armed robbery in the 50s and 60s. Strange, strange, strange. Also, you can now travel to Libya. These were the stories I learned of listening to NPR on my way home yesterday.

5 thoughts on “319881”

  1. We actually did cross the bridge. It was just at that point that we decided we didn’t really feel like going any further. But yeah, going backwards seems the best way to hit them.

  2. I heard that Smith & Wesson story, too. Somehow it reminded me of Charlton Heston in Bowling For Columbine…it would be ironic if they (Heston & James Minder) were shot and killed…but irony never works in my favor…

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