More SELinux. Lots of meetings. And bugzilla is continuing to hate me (or at least, that's all I can figure from the number of mails I get from it each day 🙂

But, SELinux is starting to fall together. I've got the hacky bits to label files created by anaconda (and a few others). I think that lost+found and ssh keys are the only things really remaining on a minimal install. Everything install has a little bit more, but what's there looked pretty easily killable. Some stuff being rpm_scriptlet_t that shouldn't be but some transition rules or just a directory context should help there.

I also need to find some time to work on upgrades. And fixing the CD install code so that CDs will get ejected again. And the PCMCIA thing. And that doesn't even start on the list of stuff that has been filed that I haven't really looked at or thought about.

So much to do, so little time.