Had dinner at what is supposedly the best local barbeque place last night with various people from work. It was okay but it wasn't real barbeque. The lack of sweet tea and hush puppies are especially telling πŸ™‚ The “NC Style Pulled Pork” wasn't really NC style, either eastern or western — it was pretty good, but not quite what was advertised. But, I mostly expected that.

Then, was convinced to go see Eurotrip. All things considered, I guess it wasn't too terrible.

Today I spent mostly lazying around and not doing much. Got my taxes basically ready to go which is good. Eventually made it out to the bookstore where I picked up four books. Sat down after dinner and read all of Me Talk Pretty One Day. It was pretty good… the descriptions of growing up in North Carolina were quite interesting.

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  1. Where’d you go? East Coast Grill (.net) is the only place I know of that has real honest-to-god eastern NC-style BBQ. No sweet tea or hush puppies (although the corn bread they serve with their peel-and-eat shrimp is most excellent) but they’re not really a BBQ place, they just happen to have a small pit-smoked BBQ section on the menu and the owner/chef grew up in VA and is a fan of eastern NC BBQ.

  2. Re:

    You should check out Redbones in Davis Square. Their pulled pork isn’t much better (it’s not bad, but not like home), but the rest of their totally Southern menu is great.

  3. I’ve heard him on NPR and I vaguely remembered someone saying something about the book (but I have no clue who anymore) so figured “why not, I’ll pick it up and read it”.

  4. Then, was convinced to go see Eurotrip. All things considered, I guess it wasn’t too terrible.

    Not too terrible? Losing braincells like that, and with out the buzz and you say its not too terrible? wow!

  5. Well, it was that or go home. Hence the “all things considered” part

    Yeah, I’ve probably dropped my standards. But as long as you think about it with the right expectations, it actually was humorous in the crude offensive humour sort of way.

  6. Yeah, one of the first thigns I had to have when we came back home was BBQ. And Grits. Actually, I htink I had Grits and a biscuit first.

    I’ll have to figure out a way to ship you some NC BBQ. Or we should just plan a trip to Coopers when you’re here in April. πŸ™‚

  7. I know I may start a war, but I don’t think of NC BBQ as real barbeque. The first time I ever had hush puppies at a BBQ place was in North Carolina, and I admit that I was surprised by them.

    Real BBQ to me is the midwestern variety (a nice smoky tomatoey sauce, not vinegary as in NC). I’d say that what we think of as real BBQ is wherever we grew up.

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