Fairly productive day today. Spent some time being the office sysadmin since a drive died in a server. Nothing too terribly difficult, although the PowerEdge 350s are quite annoying to open.

Otherwise, basically spent the day on some SELinux stuff. x86_64 installs (at least on AMD64, rawhide broke so no new kernel) seem to work okay. SELinux policy needed fixing to know about /lib64 though. Oops. Based on that, I'm pretty sure I'm the first person who's ever tried to do anything SELinux on a multilib box 😉 Fixes weren't too bad, Dan scripted most of it and then we tried again. Also a few other fixes to try to get things working better… might need to better define a context for anaconda to run in and handle allowing things in the rpm_script_t context to transition as needed. Starting to congeal fairly well, though, so I'm happy.

Planning to actually take the plunge and switch it on for my laptop over the weekend. I'll run in non-enforcing mode first just to see how it looks and then probably turn on enforcing mode. I'm fairly certain I'll have to write some new policy, but I'm okay with that.