Hmmm… it's been a week and I've been quiet. Been busy with stuff at work for the most part.

Got quiet mode in nash working (so now if you add 'quiet' to your boot command line, then the only messages you get before init starts are errors from the kernel and a “starting nash version x.x.x” message). Should make the boot process a little bit nicer. Did a quick test of AMD64 Fedora Core 2 stuff… from a quick check, it at least looks sort of okay. I'm sure there's stuff that needs doing, but quick pass looks like its not falling apart too badly.

Mainly, I've spent a while on SELinux stuff. Contexts are all getting set up right on install now which is a good step. Started looking through the list of unlabeled files after a minimal install with Dan. There are quite a few. Some of them are policy bugs, some of them are more inherent to how SELinux has been developed up until now. Basically, up until now the way of thinking has been “do install, then label files, then you're running an SELinux box”. Now we're trying to thread it throughout everything and make it more intrinsic to the system. So, stuff is popping up. It's all fixable, it's just a bit of work.

And, the usual pile of mail and bugs and meetings just to keep me from getting bored.

Oh, and finished reading Lost… it wasn't as good as his other books, but still pretty good. Need to figure out whether or not I want to pay for Mirror, Mirror in paperback or not.

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  1. Mirror, Mirror‘s probably worth paperback prices, but not hardback. It wasn’t a bad book, but it wasn’t terribly engrossing, either. Wicked‘s still my favorite.

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