Not a super productive day, but they can't all be. Spent some time investigating a few different things, nothing terribly exciting. Also spent a while going through a pile of partner requests

Left work a bit earlier than I intended due to the possibility of some bad weather coming through. Figured it was better safe than sorry. I can do most of the stuff I was starting to look at from home just as well anyway. Want to try to get cciss drive detection working for kudzu. look at a quiet mode for nash/initrds, and rewrite the hateful sections of image.py that I was dealing with yesterday. We'll see what I actually end up getting around to. Since walking in the door here, I've felt kind of tired, so I m

And my cat has decided that he likes to sit on my lap now. Preferably right beside the laptop where the outtake from the fan can warm him up. Silly cat. 🙂