Various random things done today, nothing particularly spectacular. Al found a fix for the changeloop problem, which is good. FC2 test1 should now go out sometime next week.

Picked up a pile of books at Border's this evening. Didn't find the one I was looking for (the 4th Sword of Truth book), so I picked up four others instead. Oops 🙂

Also got a new cell phone and am in the process of copying numbers from the old to the new. There has _got_ to be a better way to do this.

3 thoughts on “308710”

  1. Get a Treo?

    Get the Treo 600. Works well with jpilot, intermittently with gnome-pilot, and should work fine with MultiSync, now that it has a Palm conduit.. after installing FC2t1 I should get round to packaging that; currently the bundled spec file installs under /usr/local 🙁
    Otherwise, a Bluetooth phone and a Mac. I must say when I had one I was very impressed with iSync. Not so much with the PPC7455 OTOH.
    Can’t wait for test1… at last, something I could bittorrent/FTP down. Apt works well enough on my computer but there are few apt repositories for FC-devel (freshrpms.net has it, but it’s currently inaccessible), and Yum keeps timing out.
    Oh yes, Evo 1.5.3 is actually quite usable… as long as one preempted its automatic migration of the Evo 1.4 profile by moving away ~/.gconf/apps/evolution and ~/evolution, since contact importing is broken in my case (probably since I have subfolders. Evo 1.5.x does not like subfolders…).

  2. GSM phone?

    If your new serivce is GSM, copy your old contacts to your SIM, unlock new phone, insert SIM into new phone, copy from SIM to phonebook. Or if your new phone does IrDA, I have a phone that is unlocked that you can use to beam the contacts from your old Cingular SIM.


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