SELinux disabled in anaconda for now. More mail. More people complaining about rawhide having broken deps. Unfortunately, this is just a fact of life due to the fact that we're trying to build across seven architectures. And it tends to get worse during freeze times because of the way things get built, moved and then things still need rebuilding and having people all over the world making that not happen in the order that we necessarily need to make rawhide always consistent. Fixed gdm, though, so the most important one should be happier now.

Also wandered out and read for a few hours this afternoon. Finished reading Terry Goodkind's Blood of the Fold… need to pick up the next book in the series. Until then, can get back to Cryptonomicon and find the box that has the few books I hadn't gotten to reading yet 🙂

Oh, and 's attempts to organize some external bug triaging are quite helpful. It's a great and easy way for people to start getting more involved and helping to make it so that overloaded developers can have more time to get other things going.