Fixed the Pango thing the second time around. Hate it when I think something as I'm actually writing the code yet forget to actually do it. SELinux contexts are starting to look better, but something's still not quite right and I'm not sure why yet. I guess I'm probably going to have to strace an install tomorrow. *sigh* I hate doing that. Also, new evolution tagged, so started the process of getting it prepped to go. Otherwise, normal Monday stuff.

Also, Sistina folks are in town so I spent a while talking with them and watching a few of their presentations. Will probably get sucked into a lot more of that this week. Want to get a chance to really sit down and figure out what GFS is all about as well as CLVM so that I can wrap my head around them and see the big picture of how they fit in.

Nothing really exciting today. Tomorrow promises to be more of the same. Then tomorrow night and Wednesday, they're calling for “heavy accumulations of snow”. Should be fun. Whether or not I'll go into the office if it happens is yet to be determined. Although they *can* clear the roads up here, I don't know that I care to deal with it. Especially as I can be nearly as effective on a lot of things from home.

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  1. They *can* clear the roads, it’s just a matter of *when* they’ll be able to. 🙂 If it’s still snowing when you get up tomorrow, probably not wise to go in.

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