Brief weekend synopsis…

Spent Friday cleaning up some installer issues. New pango changed pango-querymodules binary name, so had to work around that. Then, some SELinux tweaking and the like. Eventually kicked off a tree and headed home, to test it over the weekend.

Friday night, wandered out to Cambridge and ate and read for a while. Saturday was kind of similar with some looking at cell phone providers thrown in for good measure.

Today, met up with Seth (Nickell) and saw Monster. Pretty good, if a bit depressing. Dinner, more reading, then some testing of Fedora stuff and various cleanups. Caught up with mail slightly, though there are still mailboxes I'm ignoring :/

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  1. For what it’s worth, I’ve been very pleased with T-mobile here. Decent prices, no problems with coverage or customer service, and you get to roam for free on Cingular’s network while you’re in NC.

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